Our Mission & Vision

West Chatham Baptist Church exists to MOVE people into a more dynamic relationship with Christ.
We do that in 3 ways. We MOVE with God, MOVE with others, and MOVE others to God.
1. We MOVE with God
This is all about our personal walk with the Lord. In Isaiah 43, God says, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.” Salvation brings us into a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe, and we must, first and foremost, cultivate that relationship. We do that through what are known as the “Spiritual Disciplines.” These are steps listed in Scripture for the follower of Christ to practice in order to grow in their relationship with Christ. To read more about the Spiritual Disciplines, we highly recommend the book, “Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life” by Donald Whitney. However, to MOVE with God means more than just personal spiritual growth. It means living “open-handed.” In other words, you don’t hold anything back from God. If He leads you to serve, you serve. If He leads you to take a different job, you take a different job. If He leads you to move across town, across the state, across the nation, or even across the globe, you MOVE. The poet C.T. Studd summed up well what it means to live this way when he wrote, “Only one life, ‘twil soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”
2. We MOVE with Others
In our individualistic society, we often fail to remember that the Church in the New Testament was not something for individuals to be a part of when they didn’t have anything else going on. At its birth, the Church was a group of redeemed people from many different backgrounds and ethnicities living together in community. They lived their lives together around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They prayed together, the wept together, they rejoiced together, they shared meals together, and, sometimes, they even died together. But they did it all together. To “MOVE with others” means to share life with the other members of our Faith Family. And that’s what we refer to ourselves as, a faith family. We are more than just individuals who get together on Sunday mornings for worship, we are a family who lives life together. In this way, we encourage one another in spiritual growth through small groups, D-groups (discipleship groups), corporate worship, and fellowship. 
3. We MOVE others to God
This is a vital part of our mission and vision at WCBC. Though we view discipleship and personal spiritual growth as very important, we understand that any discipleship and personal spiritual growth that does not lead to sharing the gospel with a lost world is unbiblical. In Matthew 28, Jesus said to “Go and make disciples.” The only way one can become a disciple is through being born again (John 3). Salvation is the starting line in discipleship. Therefore, we seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the lost. We know that their salvation is out of our hands, because it is God who saves. Yet, we also know that God has chosen us as the means by which He will make the gospel known so that the lost can be saved.
We would love to have you join us as we MOVE!