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Matthew – Part 1
Romans – An Overview
The Will of God
Chasing Contentment
When God Doesn’t
Prove It!
Guest Speakers
Nehemiah – Rise and Rebuild
Haggai – Renew the Vision
Lasting Legacy (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day)
The Gospel of Mark and the Kingdom of God
Learning to Pray with special guest Mark Mirza
Creature of Habit
Better – Jesus is Greater
Failing Faith
Rethinking the Church
As It Is In Heaven
Game Over
Easter 2018
My Biggest Enemy
My Skin
We Are The Church
The Reformation
Praying the Bible – Part 1 – Wednesday 1/25
Finding a Companion in the Shepherd 12/14/16 – (Wednesday pm service)
I Love My Church
A Walk Through Salvation
My Neighbor